Asterix ann an dthaich nan Cruithneach (Gaelic)

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EAN/ISBN 9781906587369
Author: Didier Conrad, Jean-Yves Ferri
Publisher: Dalen Alba
Format: PB

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It's only natural that Asterix should attend a Gaelic ulpan course before his brand new adventure is out on 24th October 2013. Bringin Asterix to the land of the Picts of Caledonia - the only people in ancient Britain to successfully resist Roman invasion and had along wall built to keep them at home. In this Highland adventure, Asterix will, for the first time ever, leave Gaul to visit another Celtic people, the Picts, famous for their blue tatoos, their inticate stone carvings and equisite silverwork - but sadly no lieterary tests. So, coupled with Scotland's rich Gaelic heritage, this new adventure has afascinating blank canvas to draw what will be the one of the best Asterix adventures ever.

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