Badger the Mystical Mutt 8: The Loch Mess Mystery

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EAN/ISBN 9780992926441
Author: McNicol & Jackson
Publisher: Lunicorn Press
Format: PB

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Baroness Mess is away from home, but she asks Badger to go to her castle in Scotland where she has left her children home alone with a massive clean up task. When Badger reaches the murky waters of Loch Mess, he finds that life for the Dippydoppyloppydus family is... in a bit of a mess. The famous Wim-Wim has to shape-shidt, Badger hooks up with a Narwhal, and he has to endure a strange concert from teh Electric Eel band, a mud bath and a flourt dusting from a cake mix whisk. Ahoy! Badger's on board so there can only be trouble ahead, but is his wonky magic waterproof?

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