Big Grey Man of Ben MacDhui, The

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EAN/ISBN 9781874744207
Author: Affleck Gray
Publisher: Birlinn
Format: PB 156pp

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"I began to think I heard something else than merely the noise of my own footsteps . . . the eerie crunch, crunch, sounded behind me, I was seized with terror and took to my heels, staggering blindly among the boulders for four or five miles." Mountaineer and historian Affleck Grey explores one of Scotland’s most chilling unsolved mysteries in his acclaimed account of the terrifying figure said to haunt the desolate passes and summit of Britain’s second highest mountain. Over the years countless climbers have either seen or sensed the presence of some extraordinary being in the misty wilderness of Ben Macdui. But what have they really experienced? A trick of the light or some Yeti-like monster? This book explores the evidence and also looks at similar stories from elsewhere in the world to try and make sense of this bizarre phenomenon.

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