Bottled History

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EAN/ISBN 9780954101169
Author: Ian MacIlwain
Publisher: Envisage
Format: HB

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This fine art limited edition book is the culmination of five years work by Ian Macilwain. Having purchased Alfred Barnards seminal work The Whisky Distilleries of the United Kingdom, he was inspired to retrace Barnards steps, taking him to over 50 functioning and recently closed distilleries. On visiting these distilleries, Ian realised that the old methods of production were rapidly disappearing, replaced by technically superior and highly consistent computer controlled production methods.This book celebrates the traditional processes, recording and documenting the old ways while traces of them still remained. Ian interviewed many retired distillery employees who were keen to share their memories of the old days, and the book is peppered with quotes from these interviews - often funny, always interesting.Part of our May Mayhem offers!

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