Bradshaw's Guide Scotland's Railways: West Coast - Carlisle

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EAN/ISBN 9781445633930
Author: John Christopher, Campbell McCutcheon
Publisher: Amberley
Format: PB

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Bradshaw's Guide of 1863 was the staple book to what's what and where's where for the mid-Victorians and it gives the reader a unique insight into the world of the nineteenth century travellers. The railways themselves opened up Scotland properly to tourism for the first time, and many journeys that once took days to complete could now be undertaken in hours, bringing its many attractions within the reaches of the masses. This illustrated guide records the sights to be seen in the towns and cities encountered along the route. Campbell McCutcheon takes us through the west coast and Highlands of Bradshaw's Scotland, using contemporary Victorian and Edwardian photographs and postcards to illustrate the scenes that the users of Bradshaw's Guide to Scotland's Railways would have experienced. This volume covers primarily the lines of the Caledonian, Glasgow & South Western, Scottish Central and Highland Railways and the Geographical area of the west coast and highlands.

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