Flying Fergus 3: The Big Biscuit

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EAN/ISBN 9781471405235
Author: Chris Hoy
Publisher: Piccadilly
Format: PB

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The third in Sir Chris Hoy's fantastically fun, magical cycling adventure series. Fergus and his friends are still glowing with pride at being runners' up in the Great Cycle Challenge and practicing hard for the next round of the cycling competition - the District Championships. But without fancy bikes and with only the local common to train on, can the team really go all the way? Then disaster strikes the team when local biscuit company, Bruce's Biscuits announce plans to build their new factory on the common. They have offered the council a lot of money for the land and there's no hope for Fergus and the team to raise enough to match it. Fergus hopes that if he can find Dad in Nevermore he might have a bright idea to help them. But when Fergus spins the pedals backwards on his bike three times, he gets more than he bargained for! With fantastic illustrations from Clare Elsom.

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