Passion for Scotland (OctRP)

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EAN/ISBN 9781842820193
Author: David Ross
Publisher: Luath
Format: PB

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The Scotland of the past and the Scotland of the future. That is the essence of A Passion for Scotland, and its author David Ross takes the reader on a passionate journey through the story of this country, which stirs the primal fires from the opening lines. It is a personal, patriotic yet unbiased view of the path the Scots have taken, and of the path they are trying to forge into the 21st century, and is fascinating and moving by turns. It provides a wealth of material on Scotland, from history through to politics through to travel. But it is also an impassioned call to his fellow countrymen. Inside this book you will find out about Wallace and Bruce, Montrose, the Jacobites, John McLean, and Tartan Day USA. You will find out what makes a Scot. Plus, revealed for the first time, details of the final resting places of all Scotland's kings and queens.

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