The Campbells Of The Ark

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Author: Ronald Black
Publisher: Birlinn
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In his long poem An Airce, 'The Ark', the Jacobite poet Alexander MacDonald shows the Campbells being subjected to trial by water for the part they played in defeating Prince Charles's army in 1745-6. Some will be drowned outright, he says, some just given a good ducking - and some will be honourably treated. He names thirty-nine individuals; Ronald Black puts their lives and deeds under the microscope to see how far they deserved their allotted fate. The result is a well-balanced portrait of the leading men of Argyll in the eighteenth century and a refreshingly new perspective on one of the most colourful episodes in Scottish history: the rising of the '45 as seen through the eyes of Highlanders who helped to crush it. Each volume is separately indexed.Volume 1 ('The Inner Circle') introduces the poet, the song and the Clan Campbell, followed by biographies of the thirty-one Campbells mentioned in the song, analysing the poet's verdicts.

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