Max & Zap at the Museum

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EAN/ISBN 9781782504238
Author: Natasha Rimmington
Publisher: Floris
Format: PB

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This colourgul book brings Scottish museums to life for children aged 4-7 - with stamping dinosaurs, mischievous animals and troublesome characters from Scottish history. Inspired by actual museum exhibits, this lively book whisks young readers on an exciting journey through Scotland's past, with fun and vibrant illustrations. Max loves visiting the big Scottish museum with his toy robot Zap, but this time something amazing happens. When Max tries on some magic armous, the whole museum comes alive - including Zap! Mary Queen of Scots needs Max and Zap's help to find her missing jewels. Can they follow the clues in a museum full of real-life dinosaurs, animals and characters from history? Watch out for the T-Rex!

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