Edinburgh: A Traveller's Reader

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EAN/ISBN 9781472141637
Author: David Daiches
Publisher: Robinson
Format: PB

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Edinburgh is a city whose history is written on its face. The Old Town on its crowded rock, sloping down from the Castle to Holyroodhouse, has not significantly changed its atmosphere since the turbulent fifteenth and sixteenth centuries, when riots, processions, or public executions jammed the High Street. And the very different era that followed the bloody religious wars of the seventeenth century is epitomized by the elegant streets and squares of the New Town - the eighteenth-century Enlightenment whose writers, philosophers and lawyers made Edinburgh famous.This anthology of extracts from letters, memoirs, diaries, novels and biographies of interesting visitors and inhabitants recreates for today's visitors the drama, the history, and the life of the city in buildings and places that can still be visited.

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