Darien: Journey in Search on an Empire

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Author: John McKendrick
Publisher: Birlinn
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The attempts to establish a colony of Caledonia on the inhospitable isthmus of Panama in the late seventeenth century is one of the most tragic moments of Scottish history. The stratagem was devised to create a major trading station between Europe and the East and could have been a triumph, if not for the inadequate preparation and organisation which ensured it was a catastrophe. Of the 3000 settles who left only a handful returned, the rest having succumbed to disease, and the enormous financial loss was a key influencing factor in ensuring the union with England in 1707. Based on archive research in both the UK and Panama this explores this seminal moment in Scottish history and uncovers fascinating new information from New World archives abour the roles of the English and Spanish, and about the identities of the settlers themselves.

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