In the Footsteps of Reivers

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Author: Brian Dingle
Publisher: Olympia
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Seldom has an area of the British Isles been so contested for as long as the Borders saw conflict. From Edward I's invasion in 1296 to the Union of the Crowns in 1603, the Borders were left a wasteland. In this turbulant time of constant war between Scotland and England, those who lived in the borders knew they could rely on neither crown for protection or help. They banded together in family groups - Armstrong, Bell, Elliot, Scott, Home, Kerr, Maxwell, Charlton and Milburn - and survived by raiding or reiving. The rise and fall of the Border Reivers, their lifestyle, fortifications, abbeys and priories, the battles and people during this time gave rise to many myths and legends around the Borders.

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