Persecution of the Templars, The

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Author: Alain Demurger
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On of the most infamous in history, the trial of the Knights Templar has captured the fascination and specilation of many for centuries. Members of the Templars were arrested, their good seized and their monasteries ransacked, and under brutal interrogation and torture many made shocking confessions; denial of Christ, desecration of the cross and more. This book follows the journey of the trial, from the early days of scandal and scheming in 1305 to the torture, inprisonment and dissolution of the order to 1314, when leaders Jaques de Molay and Geoffroy de Charanay were burned at the stake. This is a deeply immersive account which draws on the records of the interrogations of some 231 French Templars, and illuminates the stories of hundreds of ordinary members.

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