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Author: Nancy Jennings
Publisher: Bloomsbury
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Spotlight Bats will provide up-to-date and exciting information to an audience already keen on nature and interested to know more about these fascinating mammals by detailing the biology, diversity, evolution, natural history, behavior, and ecology of bats, as well as their interactions with humans and folklore. These tiny, harmless mammals are frequent visitors to our homes and gardens yet, due to their speed, size and nocturnal / crepuscular habits, are extremely difficult to get a good look at and are little understood.There are 1,240 species of bat in the world; bats make up around 20 per cent of all mammal species, but the taxonomic focus of Spotlight Bats will be three common and relatively easily identifiable species (Pipistrelle, Noctule and Long-eared Bat), and three more unusual ones (Daubenton's bat, Barbastelle and Greater Horseshoe Bat). Other bat species of interest, including some of the more charismatic ones (e.g. vampire bats, bumblebee bats, fruit bats, etc.) will also be described.

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