Red Light Zone, The

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EAN/ISBN 9780992926465
Author: Jeff Zycinski
Publisher: Lunicorn
Format: PB

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Stop! Danger! Sex for sale!A red light can signify any one of those, but in a radio stationit means a microphone has gone live: the walls may besoundproof, but in studio space, everyone can hear youscream or sneeze.For twenty-five years, Jeff Zycinski worked for BBC Radioand became the longest-serving boss of Radio Scotland. Hemade the big decisions buying a new vacuum cleaner forthe Selkirk office and chaired a meeting that almost eruptedin violence when someone suggested cats were better thandogs.He has a lot to say about Brexit, Scottish Independence,football, BBC bias, Islam and strippers but not in this book.Okay, he talks about them a bit mainly the strippers.An affectionate, humorous account of inside life at the Beeb you will never buy chips in the same way again!

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