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The Silva Ex Plus Pedometer is a lightweight and good-looking pedometer that will allow you to keep track of a range of measurements of your activities over the course of a day as part of a general and rounded fitness regime.The Silva Ex Plus Pedometer will not only log the overall number of steps you take over the day but it will also log the cumulative distance you have covered.To help ensure the steps taken figure is correctly counted, this unit features a filter function that will avoid extraneous movements of the body being counted as steps.The Silva Ex Plus Pedometer allows you to enter your weight so that, in combination with the steps walked, it can calculate the calories you will have burned over the logged timespan as an additional guide to helping you keep to a healthy lifestyle.A clip allows you to attach the Silva Ex Plus Pedometer to a belt or to a trouser waistband and for security a lanyard is also supplied.

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