Afore the Highlands: Jacobites in Perth

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Author: Kathleen Lyle
Publisher: Tippermuir
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For a few months in 1715 16, when it was occupied by Jacobite forces, Perth was at a focal point of British and European history. Despite its importance, it is a part of the city s past that has been largely forgotten. Perth, which then had a population of around 5,000, became the headquarters for an army of perhaps 10,000 men. Where were they all accommodated? How were they fed? What did the townspeople think of the occupation? Did they all support the Jacobite cause? Questions like this are not often addressed by existing histories of the 1715 rising, which tend to concentrate on military events or national politics. Afore the Highlands answers these questions and more. It pieces together information from a wide range of sources to illuminate details of the Jacobite occupation of Perth and some other aspects of the 1715 rising.

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