Shadows of the Past  (Apr)

Shadows of the Past (Apr)

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EAN/ISBN 9781782189169
Author: Richard Fitzgerald
Publisher: Currach
Format: HB

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This stunning book of black and white photographs offers a fleeting glimpse into an Ireland that was not so long ago. The photographic journey begins in Belfast in 1971 during the height of The Troubles. Richard Fitzgerald captures the scenes around him, despite the dangers to a photographer working the Falls Road at the time. The images of soldiers are contrasted with those of the children innocently playing in the rubble. He then travelled to Kilworth Army Camp in Cork, where refugee families were arriving to escape the violence. The images of the cramped, temporary living conditions and the children behind military wire fences is juxtaposed with other photographs of Ireland at the time - thatched cottages, donkeys and turf-cutters living simply on a small island where hours away guns rip through the air.

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