Chairlie & the Chocolate Works

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EAN/ISBN 9781785300837
Author: Matthew Fitt & Roald Dahl
Publisher: Black & White
Format: PB

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Weelcome, ma Wee freends!Weelcome TAE the CHOCOLATE WORKS!When Mr Wullie Wonka invites five wains intae his warld-famous chocolate factory, some o them turn oot tae be spoilt wee bampots.For Chairlie Baffie, the tour o Wonkas chocolate works is the adventure o a lifetime. Has Violet Boakregarde bitten aff mair than she can chaw? Will Mike Teeveeheid finally end up on TV? Will Chairlie go UP AND OOT in Wullie Wonkas Muckle Gless Lift?Find oot in Matthew Fitts braw new Scots translation o Roald Dahls classic story Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.

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