Come On Highlanders!

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Author: Alec Weir
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Formed in 1868, and already possessors of a proud history by the outbreak of the First World War, the men of the 9th (Glasgow Highland) Battalion, The Highland Light Infantry, were right at the heart of the cataclysmic events that happened between 1914 and 1918 on the Western Front. One of the first Territorial units to be rushed to France in 1914, they participated in almost all the major British battles, including the Somme in 1916 and Ypres in 1917. Altogether, around 4,500 men served with the Glasgow Highlanders in the First World War. The composition of the Glasgow Highlanders changed dramatically over five years of fighting, as the original Territorial members were replaced. Despite this change, the ethos of the battalion, built up over half a century of peace and many months of warfare, survived. Alec Weir has steeped himself in the proud history of the Glasgow Highlanders in the First World War. His accessible, informal style, using many first hand accounts, and his rigorous research combine here

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