Discovering Scotland's Lost Railways

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Author: Julian Holland
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The mid to late nineteenth century was a boom period for railway building in Scotland. Many lines were built, often through sparsely populated areas and with over-optimistic forecasts of a brighter future. Some schemes never even saw the light of day and if they had been built would never have paid a return to their financial backers. Many of those that were built were doomed from the beginning with closures of uneconomic lines in remote areas beginning in the 1930s when competition from road transport started to take its toll. Closure of rural lines gathered pace following Nationalisation of the railways in 1948 but the worst was yet to come. The 'Breeching Report' of 1963 spelt the end for many of Scotland's rural railways and by the end of the 1960s huge swathes of the country had lost their railway service. Built to last by their Victorian and Edwardian engineers much of the infrastructure of these lost lines is still in place.

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