Lassickie - Aberdeen to Shetland

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EAN/ISBN 9780955799914
Author: Lindsay Inkster
Publisher: Black Devon Books
Format: PB

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Charlotte Gordon is born in 1874 in a farmworker's cottage in Glenbuchat, West Aberdeenshire. Eldest of six in as many years, her main role is to rock the cradle of the latest baby. Until one decisive day.Bairn of the moors and fields, he whispered, the wee lassickie. But she has to move on too. We must give her this chance. Charlottes Towie grandparents offer a wider world: new people, habits, customs. Then there's school and its complexities and challenges, and,the taboo of speaking Scots - her first language. How does six-year old Charlotte cope? In her new grown-up teaching life in Shetland Charlotte has to learn to cope with love, life, loss and unimagined responsibilities. Alongside lifes complications runs her enthusiasm for teaching, the children in her care, the womens movement, and her own integrity. But what will Charlotte eventually decide? Lassickie, the first in a series about Charlotte and her family, offers insight into ways of life and customs in late C19th NE Scotland and Shetland

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