Lost Banff and Buchan

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EAN/ISBN 9781780270548
Author: MacCannell
Publisher: Birlinn
Format: PB 256pp

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The region north of Aberdeen and east of Moray is difficult to define. Neither highland or lowland, depopulated or populous, it is a land of surprising contrasts. In this book Daniel MacCannell uncovers many aspects of lost Banff and Buchan. In addition to buildings, transport networks, industries, and ways of life which now no longer exist, from whaling to open-air market trading, he also considers other elements which have been forgotten over time. There are lost people - those whose lives have been of enormous significance but are now forgotten - such as the member of the Barclay family who became a Russian field marshal and architect of the 'scorched earth' strategy used against Napoleon in 1812, and the pilots of the Banff Strike Wing who fought valiantly against the German Navy during World War II. There is also the lost University of Fraserburgh, founded in 1595 but defunct by 1605; the village of Burnhaven, destroyed to make room for Peterhead Prison; and a lost literary master - the Turriff man.

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