Quick Pint After Work? And Other Everyday Lies

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EAN/ISBN 9780751557732
Author: Luke Lewis
Publisher: Shpere
Format: HB

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Jargon, clichés, euphemisms . . . lies. Ever wished there was a phrasebook to help you translate all this endless rubbish? When your boss asks 'Can I have a quick word?' (real meaning: I don't have anything to discuss, I just like putting the fear of God into you) you'd better have Luke Lewis's essential new book to hand. And if you need a way to spin your latest work disaster, here are numerous tried-and-tested porkies to help you out. Based on the incredibly popular BuzzFeed series 'What People Say vs What They Mean', this in an indispensible - and hilarious - guide to interpreting secret codes, little white lies and complete and utter nonsense.

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