Tarantula Tales: Ugly Duckling

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EAN/ISBN 9781910680742
Author: Judy Hamilton
Publisher: Geddes & Grosset
Format: HB

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When a little boy finds a solitary egg on the riverbank, he places it on a nest with other eggs. When the eggs crack open, four yellow ducklings hatch, with one that doesn’t look like the others. All the ducklings are treated the same way by the mother duck, but soon the one that looks different is called names, and is teased. People call him the ‘ugly duckling’. The little duckling runs away to escape the taunts, but is found by a kind man and wife, who nurse him back to health. When the spring comes, the ugly duckling goes to a lake, where he meets some swans, and then finds out who he really is. Read the book to find out the happy surprise at the end. Hans Christian Andersen, the Danish writer whose fairy and traditional stories have been adapted into songs, films and many books, first wrote the story of the ugly duckling.

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