Tarantula Tales: Chicken Licken

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EAN/ISBN 9781910680759
Author: Judy Hamilton
Publisher: Geddes & Grosset
Format: HB

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Chicken Licken is the fable of a little chicken that thinks the world is coming to an end, and runs about warning everyone that the sky is falling on them after a falling acorn from an oak tree hits him on the head. Chicken Licken rushes about, warning other animals that a piece of sky fell and hit him. He gathers Henny-Penny, Cocky-Locky, Ducky-Lucky, Drakey-Lakey, Goosey-Loosey, Gander-Lander, and Turkey-Lurkey who all run to find the King, to tell him that the sky is falling in. They do not come to a good end… The story was originally an oral tale, but it is thought the Brothers Grimm first wrote it down. Many countries have a form of this story, and many use a different name for the character. In this book, most of those names appear in the form of other characters that believe and follow Chicken Licken. The story is told to warn people not to believe all they are told.

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