King o' the Midden, The

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EAN/ISBN 9781902927701
Author: Matthew Fitt & James Robertson
Publisher: Black & White
Format: PB

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Fred the fush, He had a wush. He wushed that he Wis in the sea Swimmin wi his mate, Haein a yatter - An no on a plate Swimmin in batter. Are the contents of this poetry book sweet and safe? No. They come with a health warning: if you don't like to read about things that are rude, scunnersome, surreal, bizarre or just plain daft, King o the Midden is probably not for you. This collection of specially written rhymes and poems will appeal to anyone with a warped sense of humour. In short sharp bursts of verse, a menagerie of contemporary Scots writers give their views on such diverse subjects as animals, folk at work, families and home life, aliens, superheroes, food and sport. Quick to read, and easy to learn and recite, the results will fire up the dullest imagination and inspire children to put pen to paper and write their own verses of madness and mayhem.

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