Trailriding Tips & Techniques From Glentress Essentials

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EAN/ISBN 9780955454844
Author: Emma Guy & Tracy Brunger
Publisher: Pocket Mountain
Format: PB

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As the most popular mountain biking centre in the UK, Glentress has a massive reputation. Now from the pros behind it - former World Cup riders. Emma Guy and Tracy Brunger - comes the guide to gaining the essential skills you need to get the most out of your mountain bike. Based on the back-to-basics philosophy that has got Emma and Tracy to the top of the mountain biking game and has become the Glentress mantra in their acclaimed skills courses, this volume contains everything you need to know if you're starting out and everything you thought you knew (but probably didn't) if you're an old hand - from the nuts and bolts of pre-ride checks and trailside repairs to perfecting weight shift, effective gearing and cone of movement, then moving up a gear to climbing, downhill, jumps, rolls and cornering. Presented in five easy chapters with loads of great photography, this is the only guide you need to start you off looking and riding like a pro.

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