Barra & Vatersay

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Author: Iain Campbell
Publisher: ICP
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Sometimes called the Hebrides in miniature, Barra and Vatersay are the smallest and most southerly inhabited islands of Scotland's Outer Hebridean archipelago. Perched on the western edge of Europe, these beautiful and remote islands offer a remarkably diverse landscape that belies their tiny size.Barra & Vatersay the book captures the essence of the islands' landscapes. It is richly illustrated with stunning photographs complimented by text covering their major features, geology and ecology, the famous tidal airport, Kisimul - the castle in the bay, and tales of the colourful characters and episodes in the islands' history. Designed to allow you to extract the right hand side full-page photographs for framing, there is no text on these pages. Barra & Vatersay will appeal to landscape photography enthusiasts, the many folk with connections to the Hebrides across the world, as a souvenir, and to those who perhaps can't make the trip but would like to visit in their imagination.

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