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Scotland’s Newest Landmark – The Queensferry Crossing

The opening of the Queensferry Crossing in August this year was one of Scotland’s biggest civic events. 50,000 people walked across our newest landmark and close to 4,000 guests were present to see HRH Queen Elizabeth II officially open the bridge.

We’re delighted to have the only book about this incredible new feat of engineering in stock. Lily Publication’s The Queensferry Crossing: Vision to Reality is a quality, informative book packed with stunning colour photographs. It celebrates both the new bridge – the longest three-tower, cable-stayed bridge in the world – and the 15,000 men and women who worked to complete the structure.

The Queensferry Crossing: Vision to Reality
The Queensferry Crossing: Vision to Reality

This is a must-have commemorative book that marks one of Scotland’s largest and most innovative projects. Spanning the bridge’s new history from conception to completion, it details the technical challenges triumphs lying behind its construction. It includes forwards from First Minister Rt Hon Nicola Sturgeon MSP and key individuals in the project’s management.

The Queensferry Crossing: Vision to Reality is available now to order now here.

Jenny, Scottish Bookstore

Whit a shame! The Tale o the Wee Mowdie

We love to see new books as they arrive in our warehouse and one in particular today has caught our attention…

The Tale o the Wee Mowdie
The Tale o the Wee Mowdie

You may know of a popular children’s book ‘The Story of the Little Mole Who Knew it was None of his Business’ which recently celebrated it’s 25th anniversary.

It’s now been translated into Scots by Matthew Mackie and the result is an absolute delight!

The Tale o the Wee Mowdie That Wantit tae ken wha Keeched on his Heid is a brilliant Scots translation that will have children and adults laughing out loud. It’s a fantastic book to encourage Scots language among children (as supported now across most of our primary schools) and teaches some wonderfully fun vocabulary that kids will love.

Here’s the synopsis text from the back to give you a hint of what’s inside –

An awfu stramash befaws the wee mowdie, yin bricht sunny morn.
It looks a bit like a link sasser, and the warst o’t is –
It faws richt ontae his heid.

Oor gallus wee hero gangs oot tae speir
Wha’s keeched on his heid.

Featuring such great lines as “five great muckle cuddy-aipples duntit doon juist a midgie’s whisker frae the wee mowdie,” it really is a joy to read!

It’s available now with 10% off – just click here.

Jenny, Scottish Bookstore

Launch of our new Scottish Bookstore website!

Welcome to our new blog!

Those of you who have visited our site before will notice that it has undergone something of a face lift. It’s a little Christmas gift to ourselves, and we hope you like the new, modern feel.

The site has been redesigned to provide more information on our products and services. We are still working on it and will be streamlining our categories to improve usability to help you to find titles and place orders more quickly.

We also have this rather nice new blog, on which we’ll keep you updated with new books and products, news, events and special offers.

If you have any queries about how to use the new site, please don’t hesitate to contact us on 01506 855955 or at sales@scottishbookstore.com

Happy browsing!

Jenny, Scottish Bookstore