Sensational Scottish Book - The Last Wilderness

Neil Ansell has spent most of his adult life taking solitary adventures in the wilderness. He is, in his own words, 'designed for solitude'. Profoundly deaf in one ear and with compromised hearing in the other, he describes himself as being a 'keen observer rather than a participant', which makes him a wonderfully perceptive travel writer.

The Last Wilderness

The Last Wilderness

In 'The Last Wilderness', Neil expresses the experience of being along in nature through the narrative of a series of walks in the Scottish Highlands. He also describes the changes in the landscape and how his perspective and interpretation of nature is affected by his hearing loss.

This will appeal to readers of Robert Macfarlane, Helen MacDonald and Jim Crumley. It also boasts a truly gorgeous cover.

I don't think I could find better words to encourage you to read this book than these:

'A gem of a book, an extraordinary tale. Ansell's rich prose will transport you to a real life Narnian world that C.S. Lewis would have envied. Find your deepest, most comfortable armchair and get away from it all.' Countryfile

Published by Tinder Press, The Last Wilderness is in stock now.