Sensational Scottish Books: The Clanlands Almanac - SIGNED COPIES

The Christmas present of the year just arrived - SIGNED COPIES of The Clanlands Almanac by Sam Heughan and Graham McTavish!

The perfect escapist guide, The Clanlands Almanac is intended as a starting point for your own discoveries, and is a light-hearted but informative look at Scotland through the eyes of two passionate and charismatic Scotsmen.

In The Clanlands Almanac, Outlander stars Sam and Graham turn tour guides once again to bring readers more epic tales in this seasonal meander through the wilds of Scotland. From First Footing, to Samhain, Fringe Festival follies, to whisky lore - these beloved Scottish actors guide readers through a year of Scottish legends, traditions, historical and contemporary events, sharing stories and tips as only these two chalk-and-cheese friends can.

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‘If Clanlands was a gentle road trip with our readers through Scotland, this Almanac is a top down, pedal to the metal, up-and-down odyssey through the many byways of a Scottish year. We offer an invitation to anyone who picks up the book to join us on a crazy campervan exploration over 12 glorious, whisky-fuelled months. Mountains, battles, famous (and infamous) Scots, the alarming competitiveness of Men in Kilts, clans, feuds, flora, fauna, with a healthy sprinkling of embarrassing personal reminiscences thrown in. Much is explored, all is shared, lawsuits are inevitable. It is a campervan cornucopia of all things Alba.’ - Heughan & McTavish