Stand-Out Scottish Books: SIGNED BY THE AUTHOR - The Ardnish Books

Angus MacDonald, author of the just published The Secret of Ardnish came to Lomond to sign a vast pile of this book and three others in the Ardnish series. Scottish bestsellers and well-reviewed in the adventure romance genre, they appeal to visitors and locals alike!



“Compelling, Captivating, Extraordinary…”


Ardnish Was Home, We Fought For Ardnish, Ardnish’ (a prequel), and the latest book The Secret of Ardnish are rich in historic and cultural references which provide vivid portraits of the families who once breathed life into the peninsula. Enduring love and human spirit are starkly contrasted by wartime horror, daring escapades and adventure which propel the reader through each story, authenticated with thorough research and accurate detail.

Angus says, "I wrote the first of the Ardnish series eight years ago, the wonderful history of this now deserted area just yearned to be written about. Pulling together the stories of the people of the west coast combined with the real life history of the Lovat Scouts, the reconnaissance troops of the British army and of course in each book there is a girl, who inevitably becomes the hero of the story."

"The first book started off  ‘Ardnish is where God was born. Anyone who has been there on a day in early May, as the sun sets over Goat Isle, would see why it is a certainty. The peninsula is the most beautiful place on earth: the gentle hills behind the village; the towering mountains of An Stac and Roshven facing us, reflected in the sea on a calm day; the curve of the beach in front; and the islands of Eigg and Rum beyond.. Ardnish was home – it is where I belong – and every day I am away I yearn to return.’"


"My house looks across the loch at the stunning Ardnish, there isn’t a ruin I haven’t explored, a cliff I haven’t climbed to find out more about the place and its people. The last of them left during the last war, with the diaspora spread across the world. One was even Deputy Premier of Canada.  My grandfather and great grandfather served in the Lovat Scouts in the Boer War, First and Second World wars, kept diaries and wrote detailed letters home….what a wonderful source for a novel writer. "


"The just published The Secret of Ardnish is very much an Ardnish series book, albeit set in 2016. The grandson of the last person on the peninsula returns from Canada to ‘the old country’, and goes kayaking around the peninsula following the trail of Bonnie Prince Charlies’ gold aided by local girl, Sarah. I hope you enjoy reading these books as much as I did writing them."

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