Little History of Aberdeenshire

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EAN/ISBN 9780750989299
Author: Duncan Harley
Publisher: History Press
Format: HB

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Duncan Harley takes the reader on a grand tour through Aberdeenshire’s fascinating and rich history, culminating in a collection of stories and facts that will make you marvel at the events this county has witnessed. Read about the Beaker People, blue-painted Picts and the Roman legionnaires who tried, but ultimately failed to subdue the local populace. William Wallace, Robert the Bruce and Donald Trump inhabit these pages alongside tales of Bloody Harlaw, the Herschip of Buchan and the battle of Mons Graupius. Discover the painter priest of Macduff, the English Dillinger, the famous diggers of Inverurie’s George Square and the strange tale of how Lawrence of Arabia ‘got his scuds’ over at Collieston.

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