Dundee Gruffalo

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EAN/ISBN 9781785300059
Author: Julia Donaldson & Axel Scheffler
Publisher: B & W
Format: PB

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THE GRUFFALO Now Available in Dundonian Scots Everybody loves The Gruffalo and now you can enjoy this children's classic for the very first time in Dundonian Scots! Translated by Matthew Fitt and published by Itchy Coo, this new edition of The Gruffalo will delight both children and adults alike. 'A moosie taen a daandir throo thi daip, derk waid. A tod saa that moosie an that moosie looked gaid.' Come a buttie further intil thi daip, derk waid, an find oot whut happens whin thi clivver moosie comes faiss ti faiss wi a hoolit, a snake an a gruffalo whaa's stervin ...

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