Edinburgh - Bloody Scottish History

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Author: Geoff Holder
Publisher: History Press
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Did you know? * Lord Drumlanrig once roasted a servant on a spit? * Station Road used to be called 'Cut-Throat Lane'? * One Edinburgh hangman was a murderer in his spare time? Edinburgh is one of the most beautiful cities in the world - with one of the darkest histories on record. Starting with the Roman era, and sweeping through the centuries in a blood-soaked catalogue of battles, diseases, royal deaths and disasters, this is history as you have never read it before. With horrible tales involving Mary, Queen of Scots, James VI and Bonnie Prince Charlie, as well as the execution of the Marquis of Montrose - and the story of his stolen heart - only the bravest of readers should open it. Containing riots, murders, severed heads, sieges and the bull's head that sparked a clan massacre, read it if you dare!

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