Glasgow in the Great War

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EAN/ISBN 9781473828087
Author: Derek Tait
Publisher: Pen & Sword
Format: PB

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When news of the war broke out in 1914, nothing could prepare the citizens of Glasgow for the changes that would envelop their city over the next four years. The story of Glasgow in the war is an interesting and intriguing one. This book covers the city's involvement describing in great detail what happened to the city and its people, including their everyday lives, entertainment, spies and the internment of aliens living within the city. Glasgow played a key role in the deployment of troops to Northern Europe as well as supplying vital munitions. Local men responded keenly to recruitment drives and thousands of soldiers were billeted in the city before being sent off overseas to fight. The city also played a vital role in caring for the many wounded soldiers who returned home from the Front.

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