Guide To Mysterious Aberdeenshire

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Author: Holder
Publisher: HistPress
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This fully-illustrated guide explores all things strange and uncanny, paranormal and peculiar in Aberdeenshire, one of the most scenic parts of Scotland (which also includes part of the Cairngorms National Park). Historic sites and ancient monuments - such as the innumerable stone circles and castles - are suveyed in an enchanting and accessible way. Descriptions of what to observe and explore are married with detailed 'site histories' of the supernatural and mysterious. These include locations of witchcraft and fairy hills, eerie contemporary sculptures and spooky long-abandoned graveyards. There are tales of big cats and ape-men, murders and bodysnatching, and details of modern fire festivals (including the burning of a Wickerman). This is an indispensable companion for anyone journeying into the marvels and mysteries of Aberdeenshire.

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