Guide to Mysterious Iona and Staffa

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EAN/ISBN 9780752443805
Author: Geoff Holder
Publisher: Tempus
Format: PB

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This is a guide to everything supernatural, paranormal, folkloric, eccentric and, above all, mysterious that has occurred on the island of Iona and the nearby island of Staffa. Containing fairies and martyrs, telepathy, exorcism and magic, druids, witches, mermaids, demons and saints (and based on texts both ancient and modern), it is a fascinating introduction to the islands' heritage. This is a guide that the armchair adventurer or the on-location visitor can revel in. Comprehensive entries covering Iona's tombstones, simulacra, standing stones, gargoyles, ruins, churches and archaeological curiosities are complemented by more than sixty of the author's own photographs. The book also includes notes and cross-references to enable the reader to follow up the sources.

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