Last Tram Tae Auchenshuggle

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EAN/ISBN 9781908373045
Author: Alan Morrison
Publisher: Luath
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Wur full! Everybuddy haud ontae a strap or yer man! It s the end of the line for Glasgow s famous clippie, Big Aggie MacDonald, as her beloved trams are destined for the big depot in the sky. Last Tram tae Auchenshuggle! is a trip down memory lane to 1962, with the Glasgow tram service about to come to an end. But Aggie wants to enjoy the last months on her beloved caurs, dishing out advice and patter with her razorsharp wit to the unwary: the outspoken clippie who was never outspoken! Big Aggie s tram is pure theatre, and the clippie is something else when it comes to dealing with fare dodgers, drunks, wee nyaffs, cheeky weans and highfalutin wummen. Get aff! O-f-f, aff! Dae ye no understaun the Queen s English? The historical realities of the Glasgow tramline are brought to life with Allan Morrison hilarious patter. The last regular tram ran on 1 September 1962, and for the following three days a special service operated between Auchenshuggle and Anderston Cross.

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