Scotland the Brave Land

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EAN/ISBN 9781908373496
Author: Stuart McHardy
Publisher: Luath
Format: PB

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With the release of Disney-Pixar's 'Brave' the world's attention is being drawn to Scotland and its fascinating history. But 'Brave' merely scrapes the surface of Scotland's rich story-telling culture. This collection of tales is the next step for anyone wishing to look further into the traditions of Scotland. These enchanting tales reflect the wide diversity of its heritage and there are few aspects of Scottish tradtition that was escaped memorialisation in folklore. With its captivating and often grusome tales of heroic warriors in battle, bold heroines, deceitful aristocracy, and supernatural creatures this book is a journey into the cultural heritage and a glimpse at the folklore carried through oral tradition for more than 10,000 years.

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